Nate Kuffrey

I began my fitness journey as a life long athlete all the way through college where I played football for Assumption College in Worcester Massachusetts. This is where I first experienced my passion for fitness, but never thought it could turn into a career.

I graduated with a double major in Biology with a concentration in developmental physiology and Marketing. Very interesting combo I know!

CrossFit Came into my life in 2011 right after finishing college, my friends pressured me to try it saying I would love it. They were right I was hooked. The combination of all the different elements got me in the best shape of my life. From that point on I began competing and learning as much as I could!

CrossFit to me is much more than just helping people become more “fit”, it is a way for a community of individuals can have fun, compete, help each other, and get better everyday.
I look forward to helping you all!


CF-L1, CF-L2
2012 Northeast Regionals
2014 Northeast Regionals
Wodapolooza Elite Division 2015
GRID Invitational Champion

Erica Feitler

Erica Feitler of Framingham, MA is a graduate of Northeastern University with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Erica has always had a passion for competition, training as a Level 10 gymnast and then representing her school as a Northeastern Cheerleader. The healthy competition, physical fitness, and tight knit community attracted her to Crossfit. Her expertise in mobility and functional movements gives her the opportunity to instruct clients on how to move efficiently, resulting in pain-free movement. Her ability to evaluate functional movements and her passion to promote health and fitness inspired her to pursue the Crossfit Level One course and implement this knowledge as a Crossfit coach. Erica is a licensed Physical Therapist working at Sports and Physical Therapy Associates in Medfield and Reebok HQ.



Cat Blake

Cat was never the athletic one growing up, but she excelled at swimming and has always had a love of the water. She taught swim lessons at a Connecticut Day camp and lifeguarded for the State Parks through high school and college. Cat took the CrossFit Kid’s course because of CrossFit’s ability to scale to any level could be just the saving grace that other kids, whether or not they were athletically inclined, would benefit from. The CrossFit Kids focus on general prepared fitness struck a chord in a world that often over schedules and forces specialization on kids at an early age.

Cat and her husband Chris first tried CrossFit in 2013. The tight knit community they found no matter where they were working out ensured that they weren’t going anywhere. She soon found herself planning her day around when she could get to the gym. After a year of CrossFit Cat took the Level-1 seminar in the hopes of coaching eventually.


Crossfit Level Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Kids Trainer


Colin Houghton

Colin was a Sergeant in The United States Marine Corps, during his Marine Corps career Colin was a member of the Fleet Anti Terrorism Security Team, as well as Second Battalion Third Marines out of Kaneohe Bay Hawaii. Colin was a Squad Leader, Designated Marksman, Combat a Marksmanship Instructor, and a Black Belt Instructor in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. Colin also received numerous “Iron Man” awards for fitness as well as several Certificates of Accommodation for being the most physically fit Marine in his Regiment of almost 3,000 Marines, which CrossFit is directly responsible for. Colin discovered CrossFit in 2008 when he was visiting his sister in Boston to prepare for the upcoming Wrestling season, his first workout was “The 300 Spartans”, it took nearly 40 minutes and he threw up twice. Ever since then he’s been hooked. Colin’s favorite part about Cro

ssFit is the community aspect of it, and how it can be treated as a competitive sport at the highest and most intense levels imaginable, as well as a fun way to train and just get in better shape for everyday life for almost anyone, regardless of their individual goals. Colin loves being a CrossFit Coach, and his goal is to learn and develop as much as possible so he can pass on the knowledge and love for fitness and sports he’s accumulated throughout his life, and hopefully help others reach their goals and possibly discover and pursue new goals they never knew they had.

CF-L1, CF-L2
Basic Life Savers Course
Advanced Life Savers Course
Combat Life Savers Course
Tactical Combat Casualty Care
1st Degree Black Belt MCMAP Instructor